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Overall, the mosque's architecture combines a traditional Chinese architectural form with Islamic functionality.

For example, whereas traditional Chinese buildings align along a north-south axis in accordance with feng shui, the mosque is directed west towards Mecca, while still conforming to the axes of the imperial city.

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Its annual precipitation is about 550 mm, yet the evaporation amount far exceeds this amount of rainfall.

Although the Wei River passing through the northern suburb of the city is the largest tributary of the Yellow River, due to overconsumption of the river water in the upstream area, it is almost impossible nowadays to withdraw surface water for water supply to Xi’an.

In 1956, the mosque was declared a Historical and Cultural Site Protected at the Shaanxi Province Level, and was later promoted to a Major Historical and Cultural Site Protected at the National Level in 1988.

The mosque is still used as a place of worship by Chinese Muslims, primarily Hui people, today.

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