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" So I'm trying to come up with as many stylized comebacks as I can with this.

Comments that have multiple meanings that all relate back to you beating the guy up in different fashions would be one thing.

Trump then moved on to shaking both of Brigette’s hands with much enthusiasm while Melania stood by, but throughout, it was Emmanuel Macron’s willingness to be an equal aggressor to Trump that was notable.

He appeared to be the one who was pressing their handshake to continue, and he’s already admitted that his previous white-knuckled grip with Trump (in May) was both purposeful and “not innocent.” And it seems, from the looks of Friday’s goodbye gestures, that President Macron was … If Macron intended to rattle Trump (and show that France wouldn’t make concessions), that makes sense.

The long goodbye was equally unsettling, mainly for the intensity with which the final handshakes occurred.

Watch above, as French President Emmanuel Macron and Trump (both) participated in a 25-second long grip that entered several phases, including some accompanying pats and other such aggressive gestures.

Wesley Schneider, Amber Scott, Tork Shaw, Russ Taylor, and Ray Vallese.

So i was looking at this, and i'm thinking "What did he say?

intimidating prowess lets me add my strength to intimidate (he's small and charismatic, but the boost helps, and it increases when he rages). All that is known, is that he was captured and enslaved by an evil wizard named Sabian.He was forced to fight as a gladiator, but he freed himself and lead a slave revolt.If not, is there another way to get around the penalty for being small and intimidating? Sadly I do not believe they do stack for they both specifically name a certain skill associated with the feats.Now if intimidating prowess said let you use your strength modifier when attempting to demoralizing an enemy then I believe you could.

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